LEVEL : Easy


Alice has n candies, where the ith candy is of type candyType[i]. Alice noticed that she started to gain weight, so she visited a doctor.

The doctor advised Alice to only eat n / 2 of the candies she has (n is always even). Alice…

You are given an integer n. An array nums of length n + 1 is generated in the following way:

  • nums[0] = 0
  • nums[1] = 1
  • nums[2 * i] = nums[i] when 2 <= 2 * i <= n
  • nums[2 * i + 1] = nums[i] + nums[i + 1]

Given the array arr of positive integers and the array queries where queries[i] = [Li, Ri], for each query i compute the XOR of elements from Li to Ri (that is, arr[Li] xor arr[Li+1] xor ... xor arr[Ri] ). Return an array containing the result for the given queries.


Ved Prakash

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